Words, How I Love Thee

I’m a word geek. I love words and word play and things that make words and hold words and teach about words.

Imagine my delight when I came across a 1940s German typewriter in an antique store last week! Just the thing to add to my house as decor…who wouldn’t want a 70-year-old typewriter knickknack?


I cleaned it up and gave it a good polish, and it looks sharp!  All black and silver metal with a few red keys. The keys are made of glass and are amazing.


The typewriter was one of those new-fangled portable versions. It came in a handy carrying case. The typewriter clips into the bottom part and then the top clips on. To cut down on weight, there are minimal “guts” to the typewriter. Very fancy and stylish.

The typewriter works, although the ribbon is quite dried out. I almost didn’t buy it, but am so glad I did. From what I can find online, I think I got it for a good price too.