Work from home, Earn $500 a day

One of the benefits of my job is the flexibility of where I work. Most Tuesdays I work at home. It’s easy to get distracted by other things when you work at home: Does the toilet need cleaning? Should I do the laundry? I’m working on developing a consistent schedule to follow on work-at-home days so that I’m more productive.  Today was an excellent day!

The rain is projected to roll in for the next several days, which is okay as we badly need it. Today I’d slated an hour for lunch and Roxy time, and I made the best of the nice weather before the real fall weather hits. First, lunch on the deck under the umbrella shrub.


After lunch, Roxy and I took a walk down the hill to the historic downtown area. Mind you, downtown consists of a post office, a few homes, and a library. I drive through it almost every day, but it’s experienced differently at a slower pace. I got a few waves from residents, and I smugly made note that my home was older than theirs. Ah, the snobbery sets in quickly.

On the way back up the hill, we passed by the machine shop. I had wondered if it was the original machine shop, and indeed it is. The dates above the door indicate it was built in 1828.

The highlight of our walk was talking to two old guys who sit out on a porch almost daily and chat. They kindly offered Roxy a beer (not me though). I thought about their friendship and how they pass their time. Then we trudged our way up the remainder of the hill where I went back to work and Roxy took a nap.


4 thoughts on “Work from home, Earn $500 a day

  1. Yep, still there. I take a few swipes at it with the mattock when I’m out working on other things. I did remove some of the smaller stumps around it, but that’s about it. I’m being pretty good on energy conservation. 😄


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