Dust Storm



I haven’t remodeled a kitchen a forever, and now I remember why.


There is sanding dust everywhere. I have everything covered and sealed off the best I can, but it wiggles and slithers its way through gaps like a unwelcome snake.

(I have an unwelcome snake too, but that’s another story.)

Sand. Wipe. Vacuum. Rinse and Repeat. Sometimes I paint a little.

The kitchen cabinet doors will be sanded and painted in the guest house, but there’s a lot of trim, shelving, and base cabinet that can’t be moved.

DUST, how I loathe thee.


File this under Unexplained Things in the Universe

Can someone explain why a piece of wood sized 39″ x 3.5″ x .75″ requires seven 3 inch nails to attach it to the wall?


And yes, I did damage the wall trying to get the stupid thing off. Thank goodness for cupcake frosting.