Swimming Pools Are Nice

I work out with a trainer once or twice a week at a gym at my workplace. My trainer’s name is Dave the Trainer. Dave the Trainer is great…he is positive and encouraging. He makes me feels strong and powerful, even when I’m not. Dave the Trainer is good at focusing on small gains which is something we all should attend to in all aspects of our lives.

The “gym” is a rather dingy rectangular room improbably located in a nondescript academic building on campus. Strangely, the gym is an old swimming pool that was drained at some point and now is the weight/exercise room for faculty and staff.

I like the idea of walking around on the bottom of the swimming pool. Some days, fatigue makes it feel like I’m actually moving through water to get from one set to another set, but without the gravity-reducing benefit on the weights. That’s okay, I still think swimming pools are nice; I love water in almost any shape and form.

That said, I’m not looking to convert my basement into a swimming pool any time soon. Yesterday we had rapidly rising temperatures and rain that melted most of the snow. There was water running everywhere: down hillsides and roads and roofs and apparently into basements.

When we were buying the house, I have a vague memory of the sellers indicating the basement was dry as long as the sump pump was working. AS LONG AS are three key words in this sentence.

Last week we had a big snowstorm and the power went out. I can only assume that caused a problem for the sump pump as it obviously didn’t pull itself out of the winter doldrums to do its job.

I don’t know anything about sump pumps beyond their intended duty, so I did what any logical American would do. I googled sump pump not working after losing power. I found helpful articles like the Top 7 Reasons Your Sump Pump Isn’t Working. Reason #3: You have no power. Thanks for that handy tip.

My next step was to poke and prod at anything that could be poked and prodded. I was smart though; I figured anything that was sitting in five inches of water and was plugged in was DANGEROUS. (I learned something in my fourth grade science class). After turning off the power and unplugging everything, I discovered the only interesting thing was the little bladder on the outside. I moved that up and down a few times, plugged the sump pump back in, turned the power back on, and…the sump pump started chugging away.

I should change my job; clearly I have “the magic touch.”

The good news is that most of what was on the floor were empty boxes. The bad news is that I have some investigating to do with the sump pump. That’s on my to-do list once the basement gets dried out and cleaned up.

In the future, I’ll save my walking on the bottom of the swimming pool for the gym.



2 thoughts on “Swimming Pools Are Nice

  1. Natalie, the bladder is what triggers the on-off switch. After it has not operated for awhile it sometimes sticks in the off position, so when you moved it up-down it started working again.

    Note to self: periodically add a bucket of water to the sump to make sure it is still working properly.


    1. I wasn’t sure if that was the problem or if the sump pump didn’t “restart” after the power went out. I don’t think it’s kicked on since I moved in other than this time, so it could just be that the bladder was stuck.

      Another issue is that there are leaks in the flexible pipe to pump the water outside. It was patched with duct tape but not well. I repatched which helped some but it will need to be replaced.

      There’s a lot of extra pipe so that’s not a problem. It shouldn’t be that hard to replace. I just need to look at the area where it leaves the house.


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