Underground Secrets

A while back, someone asked me what hidden surprises I had turned up in my house. She meant the question it in a bad way…everyone who has ever owned a house fears discovering a big problem that requires substantial money and/or time to repair.

At the time, I hadn’t discovered Honey’s penchant for long nails, and besides, I don’t think that qualifies as a major hidden surprise.  Recently, I told my mom I think the kitchen dry wall came from a discount big box store. She said that was better than her house; the previous owners appeared to have bought home improvement materials at a thrift store. (Note: I save my thrift store purchases for furniture and decor.) EDITED TO ADD:  my mom corrected me that it was flea markets not thrift stores  I like flea markets for furniture and decor too!

For the age of the house, its long line of caretakers have been remarkable stewards. That means I’m blessed with the good surprises out numbering the bad surprises. Last night, as I was pulling out of the driveway, I realized there are hundreds of underground secrets just waiting to reveal themselves in the upcoming months. I saw the first one last night.



Since I moved in at the end of August, I have no idea what spring and summer bring to all of my gardens. I can’t wait to see what hidden surprises come my way!


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  1. Gloria Horlm

    Hi Natalie, I’ve been enjoying your posts as your parents were visiting me as you were in the process of buying your house. I like your style of decorating– enjoy. Gloria


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