So Long, Farewell; Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight

I have come up with the name for my one woman remodeling company: She Shirks.

Lately, She Shirks has been quite negligent in getting anything done. Usually, the benefit of having a company do your remodeling work is that you come home, open the door, and exclaim, Wow, this looks [insert superlative]!

Not me. I come home, open the door, and I’m greeted with the same dust and mess as when I left. Even Roxy doesn’t greet me at the door any more. (Old age has stolen much of her hearing.)

Basically, my kitchen remodel stalled. I’ve been hanging out with paper-covered floors, plastic-covered doorways, sanded walls, and one set of partially sanded cabinets. At least I unearthed my stove so I  have been able to cook.

My goal this weekend was to get the walls painted. That required final patching and sanding and then washing. For an extra bonus, I finished sanding the cabinets I’ve been working on and filled in holes and scratches. Sometimes I curse my need to DO THINGS THE RIGHT WAY.

I was going to write about saying a fond farewell to the yellow walls, but I realized I’d be lying if I said my farewell was fond. I hated that yellow, so I covered it up with glee. Instead, I’ll sing a song from the Sound of Music: So long, farewell…oh ugly yellow walls that Honey painted so poorly.

Here’s where I started yesterday:


I will take a minute to point out changes to this window. In its previous life, this window looked like this (sorry for the horrible photo quality):

In the left photo, you see the shelf that was above the window (courtesy of Honey). The right photo is the window with the shelf removed.

I took the board from the top of the window and used it for the new apron (below the window) as the previous apron was too thin. I then added a small piece of decorative trim below so the apron matched the rest of the house. Then, I cut a new peaked head (top of window) to match the windows throughout the rest of the house.

Stay tuned for updated kitchen photos, including What were they thinkingphotos from behind my refrigerator. And this time, it’s not Honey’s fault.

Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight


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