Finally Flowers

Spring came pretty early here and then stalled and stalled and stalled. I left town at the beginning of April, feeling a little sad that I would miss some of my spring blooms. When I returned a month later, nothing much had happened other than some weeds grew.

Throughout the month of May, the cooler temperatures suspended the spring blooming. Green things are growing, but very slowly. I’m just now starting to see some flowers emerge from the plethera of green stalks in my landscaping beds.

It’s a good thing they are coming a few at a time because I have to look up the names of each and every one of them (well, not the irises, although I’ll never get the varieties). Here’s what’s blooming now:

Lunaria biennis, also known as money plant, Honesty, and moonwort


Centaurea montana, also known as bachelor’s buttons

Chia flower

Salvia hispanica, also known as chia


Some sort of iris, getting ready to bloom

I’m totally obsessed with the seed pods on the money plant. In addition to looking cool, I can collect the pods in the fall and plant them (segregated of course) for more money plants! Cha-Ching!

This week must signal the first of summer. We’ve gone from cool temperatures to 90 degrees all in one week. I’m expecting an explosion from the gardens…who knows what I will find.


3 thoughts on “Finally Flowers

  1. wdolingh

    You’re doing well with the images, nice focus and bokeh. Are you using the DSLR or mirrorless? Now to finding the name of the flowers????? See you in about 10 days.


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