She asked…

Guest post by Mom

so here I am.  Telling you about my GREAT help in organizing her craft room.  First of all, it has a very sloping ceiling (top floor of a Cape Cod). Ask me how many times I hit my head. Well, I learned quickly.

There was a curtain covering the doorway to the room. When it was moved aside, THIS is what was revealed:

craft room before

My job, should I choose to accept it, was to remove everything from the room and sort into piles of like things. Problem is, my daughter has many, many hobbies. So not many things actually went together. Piling papers and books was easy. The rest, not so much.

Complicating things is that I had to walk a narrow path past the stairway. And you have to be careful not to accidentally step down onto the stair because…well, a picture will be the only way to explain it.


Add two dogs who like to be right in your path, and you’ll see what a dangerous job I was given!

Next job, I was given boxes of miscellaneous items to sort out and organize. I won’t tell you how many pencils, pens, markers, etc. this child of mine owns. Rewind strings and ribbons. Sort out pins and needles. Etc.

The after picture is all my daughter’s work. She decided where to put everything. We took no pictures of my tedious jobs.

craft room after1

I’d like to point out that the floor of the room is the ceiling of the bathroom. It has been painted . And yes, you can peek through the cracks.

Sure glad to be able to help, though. She’s quite a special daughter and I love her so much.



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  1. B Hostetler

    How amazing the mother/daughter bonds are! What a gift to give her . . . Many more happy memories are in your futures together.


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