Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Guest post by Poppy

We arrived Tuesday (June7th) late in the evening after spending 3 hours in a long narrow parking lot in PA. Later we managed 10 miles in a little less than an hour in CT. TEARS!!! We finally took some back roads and arrived after 8 PM – should have arrived at 4PM. Note this was a 2 day trip.

Oh well, it was really good to see our daughter and have supper with her. The next day we started working with/for She Shirks. Well She may be Shirking but I wasn’t allowed. In typical fashion the list starts out short only 4 or 5 items. Then as those are completed for some reason the list is still 4-5 items – hmmmm. So after a week the list is still there. Oh well – it is my daughter!

As we started the temperature was 68-70 degrees. You may think that is great working temperature – wrong! The SWEAT started immediately. After several days still sweating. The temperature slowly raised and was in the 80’s. More SWEAT. That has gone on for 11 days and I’m finally done sweating.

Now to the BLOOD. As you see in the picture my legs took a beating. Several items attacked me while walking or working or just standing doing nothing. I did survive without medical intervention and I’m not permanently disabled.


Here’s a list of those things we accomplished. She Shirks did show up and help on many occasions.

Guest House:
1. prop up guest house flooring 3 places
2. replace rotted plywood barn floor
3. clean, add 2x4s, plywood west side barn floor
4. fix water in bathroom sink
5. replace toilet
6. add gutter North side
7. remove excess wiring
8. wire furnace only circuit,
9. separate circuit for outlet
10. wire in basement light switch
11. install new electrical panel
12. new steps to basement

Added support to rotting support beam (#1)


Ripped out rotten plywood (#2)


Added 2×4 supports and new plywood flooring (#3)

Added steps (#12)

Main House:
13. replace ceiling light in kitchen, laundry
14. repair deck gutter
15. rewire kitchen sink light
16. replace water pressure guage

Old lamp, New (1950s) lamp in kitchen (#13)

No cord! (#15)

17. clean, organize
18. rewire main electrical panel – 2 main circuits

19. fix starting problem – replace solenoid & ignition
20. change oil
21. sharpen blades
22. mow yard

We’re done for the time being, the quest house is habitable, the mower works well, the electrical issues have been resolved (mostly – not all) and the main house ceiling lights are back in 1950’s.

Hurray! We’re headed home tomorrow. Sorry to leave our daughter, but looking forward to some rest and down time.

2 thoughts on “Blood, Sweat, and Tears

  1. Elaine Hostetler

    Dads never shirk. Never. They love their daughters too much. Wow–lots of check marks beside tasks for you, Bill.


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