Dear Heat Wave

I haven’t abandoned my blog. It’s just when your blog is centered around home improvement and you aren’t improving your home, well…there isn’t much to write.

This heat wave is kicking my butt. I know you might have it worse where you live, and I’m so sorry for that. Normally the heat doesn’t bother me that much. But apparently the high heat and humidity are triggers for migraines which is a new learning for me.

I haven’t talked about my health here since it’s a home improvement blog. I started getting migraines a few years ago, and they’ve increased to the point that I now have a migraine all the time. My last migraine free day was last October…nine months and counting…

Triggers increase the severity of the migraines and the symptoms that come with them, including fatigue. Fatigue sucks. I have no other polite way to put it. I’ve gotten used to operating with a mild or moderate migraine every day, but it’s hard to conquer severe fatigue. Consequently, I’ve spent a lot of time on my couch the last several weeks. It is not my favorite place to be, but as you can see, it is pretty lived in.


Home improvement does not get done from the couch. What does get done is a lot of thinking, so I wrote an award-winning poem in my head to entertain myself the other day. Here it is.

Dear Heat Wave

I drove by a business with a sign
that read
If you saw a heat wave,
would you wave back?

I would not, could not wave
I could not, would not wave
I will not wave back
not on a boat
not on a goat
I do not like you heat wave

Yesterday I prayed for hail
enormous golf-ball sized mounds of ice
to fall from the sky
I saw myself standing
with arms raised high

I did not care that I was bruised
and battered
I was cold
and it felt good
You limped away bruised
and battered too

Then I waved
good-bye heat wave

Heh. Good times on the couch. Lots of audiobooks and podcasts. iPad time. Naps. Bad poems in my head.

On Monday, the humidity was down in the morning and I was determined to DO SOMETHING. My lawn, the poor thing, looked like a jungle. It hasn’t been mowed in a while–lack of energy plus a lot of air quality alerts. I started up the now-trusty lawn mower (thanks Dad!) and got the lawn mowed. Then I had enough energy to get the trimming done. At least now you can distinguish my house from the abandoned house next door (have I written that I live next door to an abandoned house?).

It felt good. I took a photo to celebrate getting off the couch and DOING SOMETHING. It isn’t a pretty photo; it’s a real photo. Grassy feet, unmanicured feet (toenails that finally got stripped of nail polish that had almost chipped away), feet that carried a tired body and frustrated mind.


It’s a photo that reminds me that life is sometimes about visible grit. It isn’t about pretty before and after photos or telling funny stories or even silence when things aren’t going well.

My neurologist assures me that life will get better when the heat wave REALLY says good-bye, so I just need to wait it out. I haven’t spent all of my days on the couch…there have been some kayaking outings, a wonderful visit from a grad school friend, and some work here and there. Plus, I mowed my lawn and that was a pretty big thing. Given how it looked, I guess it qualifies as home improvement.


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