Happy Day in the Little House

It’s a happy day. A really happy day. I woke up feeling really good. It’s 1:30, and I’ve been quite productive so far. The reason why?

Low!! | Below 80!!!! |

The weather. Finally, a day below 80 degrees with no humidity. It’s fantastic! Last night we had a storm roll in and clear everything out. I love listening to storms at night, but even more so when I know they are bringing better weather.

I know I’ve written about the little house before. Once it is remodeled, it’ll be available for people who need short-term crisis or transitional housing. When not occupied, I will use it as my office.

When I moved in a year ago, the little house served as a random junk storage house. It looked like this:

I had been slowly (okay, sloooooooowly) working on cleaning it up over the winter, but progress then stalled. Thanks to my amazing parents, we spent much of their visit in June working on the little house. It became habitable enough to house my brother and sister-in-law when their family* came to visit later in the month.

Quite a difference, eh? You might notice the kitchen looks a bit worse for the wear in the after photo. My mom and I stripped the wallpaper while she was here. Don’t you dig that flooring? That’s on the list for replacement. And yes, that corner is still low. There’s a story to that corner, although I’m waiting for my dad to send it to me so I can publish it. (Hint, hint, Poppy)

Today I’ve been working in the little house as intended. My office isn’t set up beyond having my desk here, but that’s good enough for today. I have gotten a fair amount of exercise walking back and forth between the two houses for everything I need: electrical strip, water glass, blanket for dogs, water bowl for dogs, lunch, laptop mouse, iPad charger, and so forth. I have spent so much time cooped up in the main house on the couch that it feels wonderful to be somewhere else.

dogs in little house

Roxy and Gracie have joined me, albeit reluctantly. They seem to feel a bit closed in up here. Or maybe it is just because it’s a new space. The door is open so they can go in and out. Gracie is on a long rope as she is a weasel dog (n. a too smart dog who can easily escape, get into trouble, and generally cause mischief). All three of us are enjoying the fresh air and the fresh breeze. It’s a happy day in the little house.

*Having the little house serve as a guest house for my brother’s family worked out perfectly. My brother and sister-in-law had some privacy and space to themselves. More importantly (at least to me), I had the nephews ALL TO MYSELF in the main house. I would steal them if I could, but somehow I think their parents would object.


4 thoughts on “Happy Day in the Little House

  1. Craig Olinghouse

    I’m so glad you are having a good day. The little house was a joy to stay in. It gave us some peace from the boys. As we love our boys very much, we like having some time away. It helps us relax and enjoy each others company. Thanks for having us visit. We all really had a good time. Love you.


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