Covering Ground

I’m back.

It’s been a while. A long while. A whole academic year actually.

Ground has been covered.

Mostly by this…and this…and this…and this…and this…

english ivy, lily of the valley, pachysandra, vinca minor

In some lovely areas, the ground cover transitions from one to another. It’s like a peaceful transition of power: I cede my control of this earth to you.

vinca minor to english ivy, pachysandra to lily of the valley

I have a lot of ground cover in my yard. I understand the basic purposes and benefits of ground cover from an intellectual perspective: a plant that covers earth, inhibits weed growth, prevents erosion, and is low maintenance and fast growing.

Did I say fast growing? Remember (probably not as it’s been soooo looong) the post I wrote about my front garden bed? The one where the left side of the bed was crowded with plants and the right side had, well, grass? That garden bed also has ground cover. Because why? Apparently to cover the grass on the right side and ALSO to cover the nice plants on the left side. When I say cover, I really mean take over.

vinca minor taking over nice plants

Last fall I was in a big box home improvement store with the initials HD and a lady was buying several little pots of  pachysandra. I resisted the impulse to tell her that she could come to my house and take some for free. Then I realized I could start a roadside business selling ground cover and still have more than I need.

Other things in my life have been covering ground faster than I can keep up. Like migraines. Ironically, one of the causes or neurological events (researchers are still working on the exact cause) in migraines is cortical spreading depression. This is a period of hyperactivity followed by a period of inactivity that spreads throughout the brain. I think of it as my ground cover growing out of control and then dying.

You’d think having daily chronic migraines that don’t respond to treatment would rule me out for things getting worse, but apparently that isn’t the case. Apparently my brain’s ground cover has been fertilized with SUPER DUPER FASTER GROWER fertilizer after which it gets sprayed with EXTRA STRENGTH EXTRA POWER round up to kill it.

There’s no other way to put it: it sucks. Migraines take over my life like vinca minor and english ivy and pachysandra take over earth and nice plants. The only difference is that there are benefits to ground covers, and I haven’t found any benefits to migraines.

There’s a limit to my control over migraines. I’m fortunate in that I have excellent health insurance, and I have a wonderful group of medical professionals I see regularly. There are medications, routines, schedules, nutrition, physical therapy, sleep, brain rest, supplements, and other miscellaneous things that rule my world. But I do have control over my plant ground cover. I can rip it up, box it in, poison it, and tear it off of walls. I can treat it as I’d like to treat my migraines. At least there’s that.


2 thoughts on “Covering Ground

  1. Joan Piersall

    I am so sorry you are not in good health. I have been blessed with great health all my life. God knows what each of us can handle and being out of sorts immediately puts me in the doldrums! I pray for relief for you so you can enjoy your home and yard. I look forward to more updates. Joan


  2. Phyllis Benaway

    I am so happy to read your blogs again. You are a gifted writer. I will be praying for Gods healing regarding your health.


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