fourdrinier et cetera.  huh?

The first part, fourdrinier, is a nod to the history of my road and town.  Some New England streets still retain their historical names when streets were named after what was located on them: Bank Street, Lodge Lane, Workhouse Road. My road rather charmingly follows suit and is named after the machine shop down the road. This particular machine shop was one of the first successful paper making companies in the United States.  In 1830 (or there about) they also manufactured the first fourdrinier machine which allowed paper to be produced in rolls instead of sheets. The background of my header is a fourdrinier machine

et cetera, meaning “and so forth,” is a nod to my love of obscure word play.  I pictured the rolls of paper from the fourdrinier machine going on and on (et cetera) and my own tendency to blather on and on (et cetera), and so fourdrinier et cetera was named.

Don’t get it? No worries; it amuses me and that’s all that matters.

What the point of your blog?

Really,  just to keep family and friends up to date on how my new (old) house is coming along. It’s probably not very interesting otherwise.

How old is your new (old) house?

It was built in 1800, so that would make it 216 years old. I’m fortunate in that the previous 216 years of owners have taken incredible care of the house and kept the original character while updating the house. I feel a strong sense of responsibility to do the same for the next owners.

Right now, I’m working on tracing the deeds back to 1800–it’s hard work!

How do I comment on a post? And why should I?

I’ll answer the “why should I?” part first. Writing a blog is like shouting out into a canyon…you hope to get some echos back. It’s always nice to hear people’s thoughts, reactions, questions, and critiques (nicely worded of course).

The  “how” part is easy.

  •  Click on Comment under the Post title
  • In the “Leave a Reply” box, type your comment
  • For first time commenters, you’ll need to fill in your
    • Email address (this is NOT published so no one will see it!)
    • Your name (you can make this up if you don’t want to use your real name…something like retrorazorbackpig if you’d like)
    • Your blog website (if you have one, otherwise leave blank)
  • Click on the Post Comment button and you are done!

After you have commented once, you shouldn’t have to go through this process again unless you are on a new computer.

I know someone who would love your blog, can I share the address?

Really? I mean, I think I have six regular readers. Okay, maybe twelve. It’s a public blog so share away! My mom worries that mean people will comment but I assured her that I will just ignore or delete unnecessarily mean comments.

I have always wanted to know more about…

Leave a comment and I will add it to the FAQs or make a blog post.