I’m a hopeless collector of old stuff for upcoming projects. Words like vintage, antique, and salvage make me happy. Free or cheap make me happier. I like to craft, create, and build the things around me. Having minimal skills to do so doesn’t bother me.

I love being outside, especially around water. I’m an avid sea kayaker and seek out moving water miles from land. There’s something about the chaos of the sea that brings me peace.

My constant companion is an aging boxer named Roxy. She’s a rescue that joined my household when she was six years old; she’s thirteen now. I blame all of her issues on her previous home (separation anxiety), breed (frequent farting), or age (bad breath). All of her good traits come from me.

Updated (5/28/17): Roxy died in January, at the old age of 13.5 years. For a rescue boxer, I considered this a miraculous feat. See Dogs Never Tell Our Secrets for my tribute to her.

Roxy coming... Roxy coming…
Roxy going... …Roxy going

I added another creature to the mix in May 2016. Her name is Gracie, and she’s an American Staffordshire Terrior. Gracie is also a rescue, and she’s about two years old. She’s crazy smart, happy to be loved 24/7, and beautiful to boot.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Elaine Hostetler

    What a delightful blog, Natalie! Your comments remind me of May Sarton’s writing. Do you know her? Maybe it’s the New England setting or your matter-of-fact appreciation of the ordinary things in your life. Thanks for writing. And thanks to your mom for inviting her friends to read it. Good luck and enjoy your new home. Elaine Hostetler


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